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Two Truths

With palms together,  Buddhism teaches there are two truths: the relative and the absolute. One is particular the other relative. We live in both.  When aware of the relative, we are each separate beings living on a particular planet in a particular solar system. When aware of the absolute, there is no us, no planet, no solar system: nothing is separate, all is one. Both “inter-are.”  What does this have to do with anything at all? Everything. Derived from the absolute, our morality guides us. Our oneness teaches us to do no harm. Our relative enables us to live and survive. I am drinking a cup of coffee, and in doing so I am drinking the beans grown in Guatemala or Brazil; I am enabled to do this as a result of the many lives and many hands that brought this coffee into existence and to my table.  When in the absolute all of this is clear and yet dissolves. When in the relative it is important to honor those hands and lives for they have provided us.  One might say living in the abs…

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