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Practice is just something we do every day. It is really nothing special, but then, nothing is. Ours is to just be as simply as we can be.

We may not sit down on a cushion and practice zazen, but as long as we live in each moment with our eyes open and our hearts in the right place, we are practicing Zen.

I try to encourage my students to sit daily, twice daily actuakky, but I am not always successful. I may not be a very good Teacher.

Still, I sit each night and most every morning. I sit alone usually in my small mountain zendo. It is often cold as the fire in the potbellied stove has usually gone out. I light incense and a candle. The flame and smoke blanket the brass statue of the Buddha that sits before me. My cushion supports my practice. The light washes my heart. It is quiet and my mind settles finally.

Tomorrow will take care of itself.

A deep bow to you.