Contact of a Zen Kind

With palms together

Good Morning Everyone,

Zen living requires a radical reorientation to life. When such a turn happens what was once important no longer seems so; what was once unimportant is now significant. It is this seeming turning of life upside down that disturbs some of us, as well as so many of those around us. Conversely, it is what makes life so wonderful for those who open their eyes. Yet, it is only a seeming turning of things. In truth, it is just a shift in where we place our mind.

Two short, non-exclusive lists:

What is significant?

A glass of water.

A sliver of the moon in the sky.

Loving someone; being loved by someone.

The taste of things.

The feel of things.

The smell of things.

The sound of things.

What is insignificant?

Our thoughts about the above.

Hurrying to get somewhere.

Getting somewhere.

Our social status; another’s social status.

The sort of car we drive.

How wide our TV screen is.

That we have a TV in the first place.

We might consider making our own lists on a day-to-day basis. Doing so can be a way of keeping things fresh. The shift is about experience rather than analysis; a turn toward the direct contact with the thing itself.

This is Contact of a Zen Kind.

Be well.


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