With palms together,

Good Morning Everyone,

Zazen begins at 9:00 AM this morning and I have readied the Zendo. It is good to do this practice. It invites us to stop and sit down, shut-up and listen, and in so doing, open ourselves to the universe in the most incredible way possible: to just be present.

We still have a year of retreats and ceremonial days. This is the list. Please consider joining us.

2010 Retreat Schedule
April 2-4, Hannamatsuri Zazenkai, Both Sides/No Sides Zendo, El Paso

July 9-11, Obon Sesshin, Mokusho Dharma Center

August 5, Hiroshima/Nagasaki Memorial Day, Veteran's Park

September 3-5, Ohigan Sesshin, Mokusho Dharma Center

October 5 Bodhidharma Day, Veteran's Park

November 20, Founder’s Day, Mokusho Dharma Center

December 3-5, Rohatsu Sesshin, Mokusho Dharma Center

Be well.


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