A Day

With palms together,
Good Afternoon Sangha,
This morning I went out the door early. A full sun, a cool breeze, and an appointment at the dermatologist's office.  The doc and I are buds, we went to the same graduate school. Anyway, I ran down to his office and entered.  It was a three mile run and by the time I got there, it was a tad warm.  I arrived 15 minutes early, as I had planned so that I could have a little time to cool off and wash up in the restroom. As I began washing off with cold water, the nurse told me he was ready to see me, so sweat and all, I walked into the exam room. 
He enters right away, we chat for a minute comparing babies (his) grandbabies (mine).  He asks why I'm so sweaty.  I tell him I jogged to his office.  He said I was crazy.  I agreed. He did, however, support my craziness.
He numbs the skin on my neck, cuts a chunk out and gave me a couple of scripts. I go back in two weeks.
Well.  Added up, I was in and out in 15 minutes.  Way early. My Little Honey was supposed to pick me up at the docs an hour later.  So. I ran more.  I asked the clerical staff to let Judy know I was at the Barnes & Nobles bookstore and off I went.  Another mile.
At B & N I browsed through the poetry, religion, philosophy, and running sections for anything new or that piqued my interest.  I asked about a new book out by the guy who saved all those souls in Ruwanda.  Not in. I heard him on CNN or NPR or somewhere.
Little Honey arrives and we have lunch at the Bountiful Bakery. After a vegan sandwich, we then went to get the taxes done.  Glad that is out of the way.
We are now at home, the temperature on my car thermometer said it was 95 degrees.
Life comes and goes like that.  Both Pepper and Tripper were happy to see us, but quickly went back to sleep on their respective spots on the floor.
Tonight we will go to the local Temple's Seder, drink a few glasses of wine, eat some matza, and enjoy.
For those Jewish Buddhists among us, Happy Pesach!  For those Christian Buddhists, Happy Easter!
Total miles run: 4.0  
Be well.

Harvey So Daiho Hilbert

May All Beings Be Free From Suffering
On the web at http://www.daihoji.org/
and http://daihoji.blogspot.com/

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Anonymous said…
Good day all, Sodaiho, great "slice of life" story. Love the part about your doctor telling you you're crazy for running to the office. Often after work, I'll go for a run, which means 12 to 3 in the morning sometimes. People tell me I'm nuts too; then I ask them which is crazier. Sitting on a barstool poisoning your body or doing something healthy? Uh, yeah.
I sent a post the other day, looks like it didn't go through. just wanted to say thanks for the post of the past few days, they've been exactly what I needed at the right time. Be a lamp unto ourselves, Guy

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