Love and Hate

With palms together,
Good Morning Sangha,

There is a lingering coolnesss, fresh and crisp, in the air this morning at my window as I type. Although the desert sun is rising and quickly warming the air, it is still a delicious taste of spring. It is important to experience directly. Feel the air. Smell the plants. Taste the interior of your mouth in the morning. It is important to do so without commenting mentally about the experiences. It is the commentary that takes us away from the truth. Within split seconds we are in the mental world of ideas, likes, dislikes; the world of labels and categories. While this world has its place and its function, it is a world that separates us from ourselves, internally and externally.

The Buddha taught that hate produces hate. He taught that love produces love. He also taught, more deeply, that both hate anmd love are part of the same thing, that we and the world, the entire universe are one. In this teaching if we attain it, we see that to hate another is to hate ourselves. To love another is to love ourselves.We see in this that every moment, every gesture, is a universal one.

Living in a dualistic world, we create groups of assumptions in our mind/body. We gather experiences, words, feelings, sensations and store them in our consciousness. This store becomes a toxic filter through which we push our each experience through. This is like that, we say, and respond accordingly. What is missed in this process is the fact that this is not that, this is this! Itself.

In our response, we gather steam, we justify ourselves, well these people act like this, they speak such and such, they must be this or that. The response re-enforces the initial belief and that re-enforcement is stored in our consciousness.

On a particular blog I have been engaging in a set of discussions that have demonstrated this and drove the point home to me in no uncertain terms. The people on this blog site see me as critical, hateful, and unpriestly. I agree. I have spoken within my store of experience, allowing it to distort my perception and not see them for themselves, but rather my creation of them. This creation and my response to it has been poisonous. Polarization is easy, understanding is challenging. Hate is easy, love is challenging. It is very easy to live in a thought world, a world of preconception, distortion, prejudice. It is a whole other matter to reliquish the baggage, as Tanzan, (in my blog note yesterday) and stand directly and openly, doing what the situation actually calls for.

May we each work hard to live directly and with deep compassion for our neighbors and for the strangers among us. We are all we have, you know. It would be wise to nurture this most precious resource.

Be well.


Bruno said…
Dear So Daiho Hilbert-roshi:
I have a question maybe not related to your post. What is the mindfulness way to approach fear? How do we live with fear in a way it does not affect us? I appreciate it, and thanks for your posting of today...
Anonymous said…
Good day all sangha. So Daiho, I'm not quite sure what to say here. I offer my sympathy for your situation. Getting caught up in preconceptions is something difficult to break, i certainly havn't. But it is possible, or so I've been told(Four Noble Truths, anyone?). Maybe this is where faith comes in. Faith in practice. In deepest humility, Guy
Hello Bruno, I will try to address your question in a post soon. Thank you for asking.

Guy, Thank you. I think you are onto something there. Faith in our practice and a willingness to work the program, so to speak, is essential.

To both of you, I believe stopping and being still during whatever is happening is a necessary first step. Of course, the pre-condition to that step is a willingness to do so.

Be well.
Anonymous said…
So Daiho, you make a great point. If we can stop and percieve what is in every moment we will see only truth. I work in an extremely high stress job, so for me this is not an idea but mandatory for existence. When the stress jacks up to levels that I've seen people completely break down under, I stop myself and forget everything. What needs to be done? And then I do exactly that. The perspective that one second of evaluation is more powerful than any weapon could ever be. Nothing like clarity to put your fears in check. Which, in turn, gives me calmness in the face of percieved chaos. Freaks people out. :p Words are useless, action is the true voice, Guy

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