The One and the Many

With palms together,
Good Morning All,

As we each sit down on our cushions this morning, each of us drops away, the universe seems to enter, and all drops join the sea. The sea is constant, the drops are momentary. The sea is momentary, the drops are constant.

What this means is simple. Everything is both one and many, this one and many is nothing other than words in the theatre of our mind however.

No one, not even the most solitary mountain hermit priest can be separate from anything. No one, not even in the most dense crowd is with others.

We are in each moment and are not in any other.

What does all this cryptic crap mean?

Sit Zazen and discover the truth for yourself.

Be well.


Spydre said…
as gray clouds drift off

warm rays of sun shining down

in streets full of rain
Anonymous said…
Empty clouds in motion above, and an immobile street full of rain below.

The sun shines on both in a single instant, and unites the two in an unending cycle of renewal--a refreshing experience whether it goes observed or not.

Just like the Roshi's words.

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