Transformation, eh?

With palms together,
Good Afternoon All,

Sitting in the Zendo this morning, I lit a stick of incense and sat with it. Some say the incense turns into ash through combustion. Maybe so. But when sitting, there is just sitting. I read this morning that meditation could be "transformational." No doubt, just as burning turns incense "into" ash. But sitting is just sitting.

Incense is incense, burning is burning, ash is ash. Transformation is a mistake. It presumes too much and takes away from the real pupose of meditation which is precisely nothing. So, then, why practice the art of doing nothing? So that we can learn to be present with what is. Perhaps that is, in itself,transformative. Only practice will tell us.

Be well.


John said…
Gassho, So Daiho Roshi.

You say only practice will tell us if 'being present with what is' is transformational. In your many years of practice, have you found this to be true?
Spydre said…
The angler baits the hook and tosses it into the pond...but will he catch a fish?

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