Zen is Work

With palms together,
Good Morning Sangha,

Being a Zen Buddhist is much more than words and a good feeling, more than hours on a cushion staring at a wall, more than vows and commitments to some ideal. Zen is work.

Rise in the morning with an intent to see clearly, to help every being. Eat with awareness of all of the lives and hands that went into bringing your food to you.

Breathe with awareness, walk with awareness. Feel with awareness. Work with awareness.

Awareness is what? Of everything: the air, the scent in the air, the feel, the sound, the thought, the taste of life lived in interdependence with the universe. This is true 'multi-tasking.'

We see a hungry person, we offer them food. No question. We see thoughtlessness, we correct it. We see injury, we help nurse it. We see fighting, we help stop it.

We don't just say, "I believe!" and go on being a jerk, thinking our belief will save us. Belief of this sort is for cowards and dilitantes. Living in a world-in-wait for somebody else to make everything right.

Zen Buddhists do.

Be well.


Anonymous said…
Good day all, wonderful lesson here. Zen is practice, not belief or an idea. A little confused though. In closing, you mention those who wait for others to fix the worlds problems. Then you say Zen Buddhist do. Intentional or typo? Thank you for your response yesterday Roshi. In gassho, Guy
Hello Guy. When belief and practice are one thing, we can only do. Some people say belief is enough. Zen says belief is nothing. We create a compassionate world when we are compassionate beings. Be well.
jeff said…
I agree with your thoughts. With the possible exception of correcting the thoughtlessness of other people. That doesn't always feel right to me.
Hello Jeff. As a priest, I must sometimes say things that bring attention to the conduct of others. Sometimes I must remain silent. I hope I possess the wisdom to discern which circumstance requires which effort. :)

Be well.
jeff said…
dear So, i respect your judgement. thank you for being here for me/us.

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