The Farmer's Market

With respect,

Good Morning Sangha,

I received an email from Student John Rivers indicating that he has secured a spot at the Farmer's Market for us to practice Street Zen one Saturday per month. The dates are:

· Sat., Feb. 25th

· Sat., Mar. 17th

· Sat., Apr. 14th

These are opportunities to offer to the public materials about our Zendo and our Engaged Practice, while at the same time, demostrating the practice of Zazen. We will meet in front of the COAS bookstore, as our spot is near there, at 9:00 AM. Please bring a cushion and blanket, as well as water, sunscreen and hat. We will have handouts prepared for distribution to those who request them. We will also position our Zendo dana bowl in front of us.

While this is an opportunity to share something about Zen, it is also an opportunity to share something about those projects and organizations we work with. I will try to get some Peace Village materials. I am asking Rev. Dai Shugyo to pick up some materials from Mesilla Valley Hospice. I hope one of our Order Friends, Rev. Dalene, will share materials from Ambercare Hospice. Our new Member, Student John Rivers, works with "Take Back the Night" so perhaps he will be able to bring materials from that organization. If any of you have "causes" you are working with and have access to materials, please bring them (or give them to either myself or John Rivers).

We are excited about these opportunities. Please consider joining us.



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