Occupy Zen

Street practice has been a hallmark of engaged Zen since the time of the Buddha himself. Sitting calmly, bearing witness to the suffering of the world, we invite awareness to arise. The “Occupy” movement has caught the imagination of many. With a diverse and disparate agenda, occupiers often simply bear witness.

Our mission at the Order of Clear Mind Zen is to bear witness to suffering especially as regards violence. Violence occurs on many levels and takes many forms. It is not simply the act of striking another with a fist or shooting someone with a firearm. Violence includes assault to the spirit, the heart, and the esteem of another. Our world is on the threshold of recognizing such violence must cease and that to end it we must practice mutual respect, inclusivity, and support. We begin this process with practices that bring about awareness. The next step is modeling practices that demonstrate acceptance, serenity, and the courage of vulnerability. These are the heart of street practice. They are Occupy Zen.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at harveyhilbert@yahoo.com

Be well.


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