Street Zen and Website Updates

With Respect,

Yesterday's Street Zen Practice at the Farmer's Market was quite wonderful. Thank you, Shikan and Rob for driving all the way from El Paso to join us! Thank you, John, for not only setting this event up, but also for creating those wonderful brochures that went like hotcakes as we sat Zazen in the open air.

We collected seven dollars in donations, enough for a new box of incense! But most importantly, we practiced together in an open space and offered a practice opportunity to the community! Good job!

Our new CMZ website is up, but still being revamped. We have decided to make it the Order of Clear Mind Zen's Home Page with a drop down menu for the Zendo. This just make a lot more sense.

We will be adding an open blog forum to the Engaged Zen Site so members may post their practice notes, questions, and (perhaps) notes about Zen itself. This should be operational soon. There will be a link to it on the CMZ page as well so people will not need to navigate between sites.

I am asking now for your assistance: If you have any Zen website links that you especially like or think are helpful, please send them to me. Also, please visit both sites as often as possible. Traffic to the sites raises the sites exposure on serch engines and makes it easier, then, for people to find us in searches.

Rev. Soku Shin and I will be heading down to our El Paso Sangha after Zazen this morning for their sangha potluck. We are looking forward to visiting with them.

Be well.


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