With respect,

Good Morning All,

This morning I would like to invite anyone who, at 4:00 PM, can come to the Federal Building sidewalk on Church Street in Las Cruces, to practice street Zen with us. Bring a blanket, cushion and/or bench, a hat, water and sunscreen. Street Zen is an excellent practice. We simply sit and bear witness for serene reflection meditation which is peace at its deepest and most profoundly life changing manifestation.

We would like you to know that we have on-hand at our Zendo copies of our, “Newcomer Handbook.” These are guidelines for navigating the Zendo and our services there. We also have available copies of our “Retreat Guidelines,” and “Membership Frequently Asked Questions.” These documents will be available on our new Zendo website which is being constructed as we speak and are currently available on our new Engaged Zen" site at Your feedback is vitally important to us, so please, if you have a comment, thoughts or suggestions, please offer them to us. On our Engaged Zen site we have established a store which offers a booklet I wrote entitled “The Zen of Trauma.” You may get this booklet with a donation of $2.00. We will be adding other products such as t-shirts to this store as soon as we can get an agreement from our supplier.

Be well.


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