Morning Update

With respect,

Good Morning All,

This evening we will begin in earnest our study of Master Dogen’s Genjo Koan. Please consider joining us for this very important study. The Genjo Koan was Master Dogen’s most clear, yet challenging, statement regarding Zen as a complete way of life. If you have the text, “Realizing the Genjo Koan” please have read Chapters One and Two. Also, you should have read through the entire piece as presented in the text, as well as in the handout offered last week. I have copies of the handout at the Temple.

Our new website is progressing. We had a few minor server setbacks and our webmaster, Jeffery, had to take a break to move a piano, but otherwise we are on the fast track to completion of the essential site and its content. Please forward to us any websites you feel would be helpful to link to.

With one pending registration, our Zazenkai Zendo seating limit has been reached. If you are not registered, but think you would like to come, you must contact Rev Soku Shin by Tuesday. Her email is We have two spaces in the foyer available.

We hope to see you soon


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