On the Street

With respect,

This afternoon we will practice serene reflection meditation on the sidewalk in front of the Federal Building in downtown Las Cruces, NM.Street practice is a marvelously liberating practice: just yourself and your cushion under the bright, open sky.  As I sit there I occasionally have the thought arise that this is exactly what the Buddha himself did.  All of his thoughts, fears, and dreams come to mind.  People walked past him as he practiced.  Maybe they spoke to him, maybe not.  Some friendly, some not.  Perhaps he even had encounters with town authorities as he stood begging for food or addressed the social concerns of his day.  Just so, me and you. Yes, its true.  Buddha is none other than Everyman. Because this is so, as we sit, stand, walk, or lay down, we are experiencing exactly the same world as Buddha did.  The face of that world may appear differently, but its true nature is the same.  So, as we sip our morning coffee, run to the bathroom, or eat out toast, please do so with a  mind as open as the sky and consider doing what you can do to make our world a better place.

Be well. 


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