A few notes

With respect,

Good Evening Everyone,

We have experienced a few issues with the old CMZ website as a result of server problems. Student Jeffery and I will be revamping the CMZ site over the next 4-5 days. In the meantime we will put up a Temple Schedule with a contact email as a temporary fix. The Zendo schedule is on the Engaged Zen site, but you need to "roll over" the "Practice" button for a drawer to slide out. The Engaged Site is quite sophisticated with embedded videos, slide-out drawers on the menu, etc., and we will eventually have an interactive blog so people can post notes. The Clear Mind Zen site will focus on the Zendo, Zendo practice, ceremonials, etc. We will have pages addressing our forms, Zen applications to everyday life, and so on. I hope to have a copy of our "Shingi" (Standards for Preactice) on the site as a lock down, so that permission will need to be granted in order to access it. Only members will be able to do that.

In other matters, we will begin our study of Master Dogen's Genjo Koan tomorrow evening with a comparative translation handout. Before that, however, I would like us to take some time together to talk about where we are as an Order, Zendo, and Sangha. We will have several handouts in this regard. I am asking that if you plan to attend, that you have some ideas as to what you would like to see as Order projects.

If you have any questions, please forward them to me by return email so that I might consider how to best address them.

Lastly, we have Zazenkai coming on the 3rd. If you would like to attend, you must register with Rev. Soku Shin in advance with your donation. We have a few Oryoki sets in the Zendo for rent, if you do not have a set. We ask for a minimal $5.00 donation. This Zazenkai we will initiate a few changes to our Intensive Retreat guidelines. We will have a copy of those guidelines available tommorow.

I look forward to hearing from you.

In gassho,


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